As part of a cyclical maintenance programme, Elderpark Housing Association utilised HIGHER IMAGE to conduct a survey of over 100 tenement buildings in the West of Glasgow. Through proper planning and consultation we were able to offer a thoroughly cost effective solution to Elderpark HA to allow them to budget and plan for the future.

Elderpark Roof DamageIf you would like a disc with some of the images then please contact us. Alternatively you may wish to click on the under noted links to download a single photograph which will allow you to explore a rooftop image in fine detail from the comfort of your office PC. 

Right Click here (select save target as...) to download the hi res image and explore on your own PC (file is 12Mb) or click 1 and 2 to view damage close ups.

Elderpark HA were delighted with our service and send the under noted testimonial.  If you would like to know more about this unique new technology please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Click here for the testimonial.

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