1. What was the reason you wanted to use the services provided by HIGHER IMAGE?
It was mainly to make sure that we had proof of conditions of skylights/roof lights/lead flashing/tiles/slates etc should any owner occupiers question any bills that they received.
2. If Higher Image wasn’t available how would you have handled this?
Used a Contractor who would have hired a cherry picker or scaffold which would have cost more in the long run.
3. What benefits has the HA achieved? 
We have high quality pictures that could provide evidence should a claim from an owner arise.
4. Were you happy with the results and if so would you recommend Higher Image to other HA's?
Yes we were satisfied with Higher Images performance from inception to completion and I would highly recommend them.

Maintenance Manager Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association 

Ground Based
Aerial Photography
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Higher Image Ground Based Aerial Photography is part of Mackay Multimedia and offers high resolution images that can be used in both the Public and Private sectors.
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